Do You Know What You Can Do With Dried Flowers?

Do You Know What You Can Do With Dried Flowers?

lowers may liven up a decoration or ornament. They have the power to arouse imagination and bring calm to a troubled mind. Flowers are exquisite when used as decorations or ornaments on their own. However, they quickly wilt and die. Nonetheless, the allure of flowers as gifts and ornaments lasts until the end of their lives. True! Dried flowers may also be used as decoration. Furthermore, they are as attractive and cost-effective as their fresh counterparts.


Dried flowers are also known as preserved flowers or pressed flowers. Dried flowers can be used to produce a distinctive and one-of-a-kind type of decoration. Dried flowers can be purchased from a florist or dried at home. There are a variety of flowers that dry quickly and easily. Violets, roses, daisies, zinnias, and other flowers are among them. The basic rule for drying is to eliminate the moisture in the flower without rotting it.


Flowers that have been dried are suitable for floral arrangements all year. When you save flowers, you are not only recycling natural resources, but you are also reusing them. More importantly, you get to marvel at the beauty of a large variety of flowers, whether they’re in season or not. Dehydrated flowers can be easily obtained by hanging them or putting them in a box of desiccant to help preserve the blossoms. There are numerous other methods for preserving flowers.




A Comprehensive Guide to the Many Methods and Techniques for Drying Flowers


Hang / Air drying:

Choose flowers that are just starting to open or are not fully mature. This is because if they are already open, the petals are more likely to fall off during the drying process. Cut them on a dry day and keep as much of the stem as possible. Bundle them in groups of no more than 7 and secure them with a rubber band. Hang or suspend them in mid-air from a wall hook or a hanger in a dry and dark place. Enable them to air dry for around 2 weeks.

Microwave drying:

Choose flowers that are brightly colored but haven’t completely opened. Fill a shallow tub halfway with silica gel. Place the flowers on top, followed by more gel, in the microwave. Be sure to have a small cup of water in the microwave as well. Insert a non-metallic microwave thermometer into the silica gel to keep track of the temperature when it’s in the microwave. Set the microwave to the maximum setting and keep an eye on it until the thermometer reads about 170 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point, turn it off and wait for it to cool before opening the door. After extracting the flowers, spray them with non-aromatic hair spray to keep them dry.

 Silica gel drying:

Cut the flowers when they are dry, leaving about an inch or two of stem circumference. Fill a shallow container/tray with a coating of one to two inches of silica gel. Place the flower(s) on top of the silica layer, then carefully cover with another layer of gel. Now, firmly seal the container and set it aside for 4-5 days. After that, remove the flowers from the container and use a soft paintbrush to remove any residual silica gel.

 Sand Drying:

For this process, fill the flower with sand and place it in a sandbox with the stem upside down for a week. The most important thing to note is that there should be no moisture in the sand. The benefit of this approach is that you can keep the flower’s cup shape.

Food Dehydrator Drying:

Choose flowers that have already reached their peak bloom so the petals will be completely opened, allowing for faster drying. Remove the leaves and cut the stem to the shortest possible length. Place the flowers on the dehydrator trays in single layers, uniformly spaced apart, to ensure proper and even drying. Set it to the lowest setting and leave it overnight. Try to change the trays every few hours if you have the opportunity. They should be finished the next day.

Cat Litter Drying:

Arrange your favorite flowers on a table. Spread about an inch or two of clay-based cat litter in a shallow bath. Avoid brands that cause clumping, and particularly avoid litter made of crystals. Lay your flowers over the litter, being careful not to overlap any of them. Spread a second fine layer of glitter over the top of the flowers, about an inch thick. Place the pan in a cool, dry place for at least 48 hours. Check every 12 hours to see how the drying process is going. Depending on the nature and quantity of flowers, it could take a few days to a week.





 What would you do with dried flowers?


 Flowers have a seemingly limitless number of applications. They can be used to decorate in a variety of settings, including the home, school, wedding, services, floral arrangements, and many others.






Dried flower arrangements and dried flower bouquet


Fasten them with a ribbon and cover in brown craft paper, securing with twine. Your completed flower arrangement can be used as a centerpiece or simply hung on your entrance.






Photo frames


 Attach flowers to an uncommon paper with a brush dipped in glue and leave to dry. When the glue has finally dried, you can shape the picture frame into whatever shape you want.



You must use high-quality paper. Apply a thin layer of glue to the paper and adhere the dried flowers according to your design and arrangement, especially for cards, envelopes, and other stationery.




Paper weight





Cut two pieces of glass, stones, wood, or plastic to the desired size and place the flowers on the bottom, securing them with glue. If the glue has dried, place the pieces of glass, stones, wood, or plastic.


A lamp cover


Attach the flowers to your lampshade with glue to make it more decorative. Place a semi-transparent rice paper over the lampshade and pat a layer of diluted glue over the paper until the glue dries.




Candle decoration


Apply glue to the back of each flower and gently press it onto the candle. Wrap them in waxed paper and secure them with tape to keep them securely in place on the candle.


Decoration for the windows


Decorate the curtains with dried flowers on the curtain rod corners. Choose those that complement the theme and color scheme of your interior design.




Creating a corsage


Attach a small piece of cardboard and a basic jewelry pin backing with glue.


 Creative ideas for arrangements for dried flower


Nothing comes near to enlightening a dull space, whether it is your home or office, by putting a dried flower arrangement. Live fresh blossoms can be decorated in all ways, but a little more versatile dried blossoms since they can be transformed into table arrangements, swags, coatings and various craft ideas. In comparison to freshly cut flowers, the price of dried floral arrangements is much less.


Think of a theme for your creation approach and you can quickly create a professional touch on your own dried floral masterpiece. For example, for marriage occasions, dried flower arrangements require more of the traditional centerpiece style than a cornucopia. The silk flower arrangements are a similar example.

You can start with the purchase from your florist or produce the appropriate dried flowers yourself. This first move is an important component of your entire floral planning project. It is really essential to select dry flowers like marigold, amaranth globes, larkspur and roses. For filler flowers, lavender, straw, yarrow, baby breath and cocoa pods are the most suitable options. You can best use dried fern or eucalyptus with regard to the kinds of leaves. The balance of all these components depends very much on your personal and artistic choices. Be mindful, however, of the various color variations to ensure everything fits together.

A number of techniques and forms can be used to develop dried floral arrangements. To get a magnificent, gorgeous piece of dried arrangements, you simply need to explore your imagination in detail. Before you start, you must be informed of a couple of things.






  • The dried flowers are very light, so they should always be weighted down to provide stability with containers containing gravel, sand, and pebbles.
  • Use wire cutters to cut stems where necessary. They can also be extended with long picks of wood.
  • Not in a form of arrangement use bare stub wire.
  • Arrange with a natural appearance the dried flowers.
  • If you’re using transparent or opaque containers, try hiding the foam with marbles, different pebbles, colorful shells, or layers of moss.
  • Consider the size of the room in which the arrangement will be displayed so that you can choose the appropriate size and shape of the container to show it.
  • For a more visually pleasing development, use dried flowers and foliage in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures.
  • Try to leave enough space between the flowers to prevent a crowded look.
  • Examine the flowers to see if the different colors are balanced evenly.
  • For greater durability and permanence, dip the dried flower stems in a strong adhesive before inserting them into the foam if you want to show it for an extended period of time.

The following are some fantastic dried floral arrangement ideas




  1. Dried bouquet arrangements
  2. Dried swag arrangements
  3. Dried potpourri arrangements
  4. Dried wreath arrangements
  5. Dried flowers table arrangements
  6. Dried sachet arrangements
  7. Dried blossoming trees arrangements


Aside from that, there are certain general guidelines that should be followed when decorating with dried flowers, which are as follows:





  • Do not use flowers for drying if they feel soft like a sponge. This means that they are either aged or frozen. Flowers that are dried should be solid.
  • Make a wire stem for the dried flowers and secure them with floral tape.
  • Begin making arrangements after all of the flowers have been placed on stems. Look for one-of-a-kind vases and bowls to show the arrangements in at yard sales, thrift stores, and so on.
  • You will get ideas for flower arrangements by visiting flower gardens or reading gardening magazines.


Dried flower arranging is an intuitive art form. You will undoubtedly end up with a satisfying, appealing piece of art if you use the right color combinations and placements. You should design your own flower arrangement instead of buying from a florist. It’s a fun, imaginative, and cost-effective project because you won’t have to pay for labor.





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