How To Design Centerpieces With Artificial Flowers And Plants

First, a brief look at artificial flowers and plants, which come in a variety of man-made materials ranging from cheap and tacky plastics at the budget shop that you can spot a mile away for what they are, to latex or silk works of art that you have to prevent people from destroying when they attempt to investigate whether these artificial flowers and plants are, in reality, the man-made wonder you tell them they are.

Why should you use artificial flowers and plants as a table centerpiece?

First and foremost, they do not wilt or die! Yes, that is self-evident, but they also don’t make a mess and don’t drop petals or leaves (all of which are due to your guests’ disbelief!) They don’t need you to remember to change the water, which means there’s no moldy water smell to deal with if you do. They are, in essence, everlasting and carefree. Artificial flowers and plants are also allergy-free, making them an ideal solution for hay fever and other allergy sufferers who would otherwise be unable to enjoy flowers as a table centerpiece.

Even after dusting, the artificial flowers in grandma’s side table’s little vase on a doyley are not suitable for a table centerpiece! No, the artificial flowers and plants you’ll need for your centerpiece table decorations are of a higher quality; use the best you can afford to do your centerpiece design! After all, it won’t wilt and die in a week or so, and the centerpiece design will be on display until you decide to take it apart and create a new one. And with each visit, you can splurge and add a few more stems to your artificial flower arrangement for a bit more variety.

But here’s a surprise: what if the artificial flower arrangements your centerpiece design wasn’t in a vase?

After all, we know they don’t require any water… A Candelabra is an excellent design item to pair with artificial flowers and plants for a stunning table centerpiece idea. The process of arranging the flowers is nearly identical to that of real flowers, minus the water! Simply attach a piece of floral foam to the Candelabra instead of inserting it into a vase, and then begin building your design as you would for real flowers.

A simple centerpiece idea is to tie a few stems into a small bouquet with silk ribbon and place them at the base of the candelabra in the center of the table.

candelabra with artificial flowers and plants

The beauty of using artificial flowers and plants in your table centerpieces is that your designs aren’t limited by the need to keep the flowers hydrated, so try something different and leave the vase in the cupboard for a few of your table centerpiece ideas! Instead, try a Candelabra; you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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