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Sterling silver does not come from anywhere called “Sterling”; it is simply a combination of pure silver (99.9%) and 7.5 percent (by weight) of another metal. The reason for this combination is that pure silver is a soft metal that would not be able to withstand the daily bumps and scrapes that your jewelry receives, nor would it be able to hold stones or be shaped into clasps and so on.

As a result, a harder metal is required to strengthen the silver, but the goal is to strengthen the silver without affecting the visual quality that makes pure silver so appealing in the first place.


Copper is the other metal that is commonly used in conjunction with pure silver, though other metals can be used.


Sterling Silver Jewelry: Definitions and Etymologies


Sterling, (Ster-ling) noun: British money; the Pound Sterling, the United Kingdom’s basic monetary unit.


Sterling (Ster-ling) adverb: A superlative denotes the highest level of quality.


Sterling Silver, (Ster-ling Sil-ver) noun: A silver alloy of.925 parts purity to the 1000, containing no more than 7.5 percent copper or nickel, used to make objects of art such as sterling silver jewelry.


Although the terms Pound Sterling and Sterling Silver have different meanings today, they share the same etymological roots, which are related to ancient British currency.


The word sterling’s earliest origins can be traced back to the Middle-English language, between 1100 and 1500 A.D., and the word for a small star: Sterrling. After the Norman conquests of England, stars became a common feature on English silver pennies. This was due to an event witnessed by the Norman king, William the Conqueror, while crossing the English Channel. William saw Haley’s Comet flash across the sky as he prepared to fight Harold, King of England, at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D. This was interpreted as a good omen, and after he won the battle and ascended to the throne of England, stars became a common feature on Norman England’s silver currency.

 Another source for the term sterling is Easterling silver, which was used to refer to a type of silver coin used as currency in the Easterling region of eastern Germany. In the 12th century, the area was founded around the consolidation of five towns that engaged in significant trade with England; they paid for goods imported from England with a currency made of.925 parts silver.






 How To Choose A Genuine Sterling Silver


One of the difficulties in the process of producing sterling silver for jewelry is the question of how the purchaser knows they are purchasing genuine sterling silver.


A silversmith could easily add far more than 7.5 percent of another metal to the mix, and the more of a cheaper but stronger metal he uses, the more profit he can make bypassing the finished product off as genuine sterling silver.


Previously, each piece of silver was given a makers mark, which was a stamp into the metal by the silversmith, stating who he was, who he worked for, and the purity of the finished product.


While some silversmiths still use makers marks today, they are less common than they were in previous centuries. There is no doubt, however, that when purchasing sterling silver jewelry, you should do so from a reputable source, and if purchasing a designer piece, such as our jewelry, you should know who the designer is and where the jewelry is manufactured.


Does the designer hire silversmiths? or do they simply have their pieces mass produced in a factory somewhere and are not involved in the final product’s certification?


Also, some form of certification with a sterling silver piece is very important- that’s why every piece of our jewelry comes with a certificate guaranteeing it’s a genuine designer piece made with.925 Sterling Silver!


Importantly, if you’re looking for silver jewelry, the rate at which it tarnishes can give you an idea of the silver’s quality. Because pure silver does not react with oxygen, it does not tarnish; however, the higher the percentage of another metal mixed in with it, the faster the finished product tarnishes.


If you are looking at tarnished silver jewelry, it is likely that you are not looking at sterling silver. Of course, this can be obscured by the piece being polished, so you should also consider the ‘brightness’ of the piece. It is not sterling silver if it has been polished and has a dull flat finish.


However, other alloys and metals can be used to imitate sterling silver, so your only real guarantee is some form of certification and knowledge of who you are purchasing from.


Also, was the piece handcrafted by a silversmith or was it simply poured into a mold? Cheaply made cast silver jewelry (silver jewelry that is poured into a mold rather than being handcrafted) typically contains a much higher percentage of copper and lower quality metals, which is visible in the finished product.


In fact, the casting process is inferior to the process of hand making silver jewelry – casting is typically done because it does not require skilled labor to create and the casting process itself allows for large volumes of one piece to be turned out very quickly.


Casting is done to save money, and genuine sterling silver is rarely used in the process!


After Reading These Suggestions, Purchase Sterling Silver Jewelry


Sterling jewelry is made of 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent metal alloy. The most common silver metal alloys contain copper and nickel. The alloys in sterling silver strengthen the silver so that it is strong enough for jewelry. This is why silver jewelry is both valuable and affordable for making bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings to match any skin tone and color scheme. Sterling jewelry is suitable for wearing every day of the week. Here are some suggestions for selecting silver jewelry.




Purchasing Advice:


Check for authenticity: When purchasing jewelry, make sure the metal is genuine. Look for a stamp that specifies the metal type. Sterling jewelry is frequently stamped with the number 925. “Ster, Sterling, or Sterling Silver” may also be stamped on the jewelry. Some pieces are unstamped and could be genuine. It is best to purchase from a reputable retailer or jewelry dealer.


Shop for your look: Sterling jewelry comes in almost every size, style, and price range. As a result, silver jewelry is an excellent choice for experimentation and self-expression. Sterling charms and pendants can be personalized to represent your beliefs, hobbies, interests, or occupation. Silver chains are a versatile piece of jewelry that will go with everything in your wardrobe. Wear or purchase silver rings with unusual gemstones.


Choose handmade pieces: Sterling silver is inexpensive and malleable, making it a popular choice. Handmade silver is one-of-a-kind. The handmade pieces, particularly the necklaces and chandelier earrings in silver, gemstones, or pink shells, are stunning and make excellent jewelry. These pieces are appropriate for grand events as well as cool evenings.


Choosing Suggestions


Sterling silver jewelry tarnishes over time. Purchase an anti-tarnish pouch and a quality jewelry cleaner to keep your jewelry pieces shining.


The value of silver jewelry is determined by the design and details of the item. High-quality items are typically heavy pieces with intricate cuts, etchings, and shapes.


Purchase a jeweler’s loop to allow you to closely inspect the flaws.


For silver jewelry, the most common hallmark is 925, which may or may not be in capital letters. Look for the name of the designer who creates artistic and high-quality pieces, and look for the name to be etched on the jewelry. This will demonstrate his sincerity.



Do not buy jewelry with a tarnished appearance because it may be of poor quality. Cheap sterling jewelry is best avoided because it may be of inferior quality, poorly crafted, or made with less silver content. Purchasing silver is now common. You can buy, but you must also ensure that you do the necessary polishing and cleaning after each use. This will help to keep the luster. Online stores, auctions, and antique shops are all legitimate places to find sterling silver jewelry of good and exceptional quality.



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